Case Studies

The effectiveness of the model will be demonstrated by investigating the role of microstructure in three industrial problems involving advanced materials. These are:

CS1 – Optimisation of the pulse-plating process used in the fabrication of the nickel combustion chambers of the Ariane 5 satellite launcher;

CS2 – Minimising the impact of hydrogen embrittlement on the application of advanced high strength steels to future automobile chassis components;

CS3 – Maximising the efficiency of next-generation wind turbine bearings by predicting the impact of hydrogen embrittlement on bearing lifetime.

The evaluations of microstructural influences in these case studies will serve to validate and demonstrate the applicability of the modelling framework. It will also provide opportunities to find long term solutions to these specific problems. The diversity of these case studies will exemplify the ubiquity of hydrogen-related material degradation across all industrial sectors, and the flexibility of the H transport model to be applied in very different systems.

Hydrogen Applications