Conference Initial Call

Hydrogen embrittlement - Multi-scale modelling and measurement

What is the impact?

National Physical Laboratory
Teddington UK
October 6th-8th, 2014


Major advances in modelling and measurement capability are yielding new insights into the fundamental processes associated with hydrogen uptake and transport, material-hydrogen interaction, and damage development in engineering alloys. The challenge is to translate the insights gained into outcomes of value to the engineering community. World-leading scientists and industry experts will describe the achievements to-date and the validity of current ideas. The debate will focus on the extent to which the advances made enable development of more resistant materials, improve design and lifetime prediction, and inform materials selection.

Presentations will involve extended talks, with ample time for discussion around the following themes

 Transport theory and measurement
Atomistic (and KMC/mesoscopic) modelling
Theories of hydrogen embrittlement
Hydrogen assisted cracking
Hydrogen embrittlement in industrial applications

Speakers by invitation only and will include provisionally:

RP Gangloff J Scully N Thirumalai A Turnbull
P Sofronis J Neugebauer RG Thiessen R Kirchheim
M Mrovec E Vegter B Somerday N Winzer
A Barnoush W Curtin K Takai S Lynch
K Tsuzaki      

There will be a dedicated poster session. Offers of poster papers are invited

Contact: Alan Turnbull – email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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