Conference Schedule

Provisional schedule

Monday, 6th October:

09.00: Registration, coffee and poster setting up
10.55: Welcome – Alan Turnbull

11.00: WA Curtin: Atomistic Modeling of the Effects of H on Plasticity and Fracture in Metals
11.45: M Mrovec: Atomistic simulations of microstructural defects and their role in H trapping and diffusion

12.30: Lunch

14.00: J Neugebauer: The role of hydrogen-hydrogen interaction in understanding H embrittlement: An ab initio guided multiscale approach
14.45: R Kirchheim: Defect generation in the presence of hydrogen and its relevance for hydrogen embrittlement
15.30: K Takai: Identification of hydrogen desorption peak temperatures, binding energies and occupation ratios at vacancies, dislocations and grain boundaries in iron and steel

16.15: Poster session and reception

Tuesday 7th October:

09.00: A Turnbull: Measurement and modelling of hydrogen uptake and transport
09.45: S Lynch: Towards consensus on mechanisms of HE (and whether this would help industry)

10.30: coffee

11.00: P Sofronis: Prognosis of hydrogen-induced fracture: from experiments to modeling
11.45: A Barnoush: Nanomechanical testing of HE

12.30: Lunch

14.00: RP Gangloff: Accelerated Measurement and Mechanism-based Interdisciplinary Modeling for Probabilistic Simulation of Hydrogen Assisted Cracking in Modern Alloys and Components
14.45: B Somerday: Enhancing Reliability of Hydrogen Assisted Cracking Properties Measured in Hydrogen Gas

15.30: Tea

16.00: J Scully: Characterization of Hydrogen-Metal Interactions in Engineering Alloys: Challenges and Opportunities
16.45: K Tsuzaki: HE of advanced high strength steels: crack formation and propagation

17.30: Posters and Reception

Wednesday 8th October

09.00: RG Thiessen: Considerations for the Development of New Ultra-High Strength Steels – Experiences from Experiments and Simulations of Hydrogen Embrittlement
09.45: RH Vegter: Hydrogen in hardened bearing steels: transport and damage mechanisms

10.30: Coffee

11.00: TN Croft: Coupled macroscale -microscale simulation of hydrogen diffusion in pulse plated nickel
11.45: N Winzer: Industrially-relevant multiscale modeling of hydrogen embrittlement: outcomes of the EU-FP7 project MultiHy

12.30: Lunch and close